Stependous is a utility which facilitates the creation of DWI files for use in your favorite DDR simulator.
Its goal is to be an all-in-one solution for creating step files that is easy for anyone to use.


  • - Built-in media player
  • - Built-in arrow simulator - see the arrows scroll by just like in a DDR simulator.
  • - Automatic BPM calculation like MixMeister
  • - Manual BPM/Gap calculation like WinBPM
  • - Metronome sound like WinBPM (enable/disable this sound via the Options menu)
  • - Controls to fine-tune the BPM/Gap
  • - Instantly fast-forward and rewind to any part of the song to see if the BPM continues to be in sync. No longer do you have to listen to the entire song to see if the BPM is correct.
  • - After you have a precise BPM/Gap you can enter steps in real-time just as if you were playing a DDR simulator. With the built-in media player, you can ensure that what you see will be what you get when playing the finished steps in a real DDR simulator. Enter steps by selecting the "Step Entry" option in the "Mode" menu.
  • - Play the song in slow-motion during song entry to facilitate the entry of quick steps.
  • - Import BPM/Gap/steps from existing DWI files.
  • - Left-click anywhere on the step-entry window to manually toggle steps on and off.
  • - Click on navigation buttons to the right of the arrow-entry window to move up/down half-beats, whole-beats, or pages.
  • - Press "Enter" during step-entry to advance one half-beat. This is useful for when you want to do quick manual entry of notes on a beat-by-beat basis instead of entering steps while the music is playing.
  • - Select areas upon which to perform various functions by right-clicking anywhere on the step-entry window. Functions : Move selected steps up one half-beat, move selected steps down one half-beat, erase the selected steps, and randomize the selected steps.
  • - Export steps to DWI format along with the artist, title, difficulty, foot rating, and sample start/length
  • - Fully open-source

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    Change History

    0.80 - Initial Release
    0.81 - Bug fix - Was eating up system resources on Win95/98/ME machines due to unreleased CPen object
    0.82 - Feature addition - Metronome on each steparrow insted of each beat - toggle on the Options menu
    - Bug fix - sometimes the timing was getting thrown off under certain circumstances - fixed